Manual HLE 11 - 12

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Manual HLE 11 - 12

Bericht door Ronny_van_Buuren »

Good morning everyone,

I am looking for instructions for the HLE 11 - 12 locomotive.
I have looked on google and found nothing.
After buying the HLE there was also nothing in the installation folder except the setup file.

Can anyone help me?
I come from Germany and I love the Netherlands with its trains and its beautiful landscapes.

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Re: Manual HLE 11 - 12

Bericht door KerAp »

The setup should install the manual to the RailWorks\Manuals\ folder.

Also, on their website, on each product page, you can click a Downloads tab, where all the readme's are.

Hans Weverling
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Re: Manual HLE 11 - 12

Bericht door Hans Weverling »

You will find the instructions on: RailWorks/Manuals/SKtrains/HLE11-12-21-27/HLE 21-27 SKTrains.pdf

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